How to choose Healthy Snacks for your diet?

How to choose Healthy Snacks for your diet?

Snack time can be a challenge. Will you let your cravings get the best of you? Or will you continue determined to follow healthy guidelines even when you snack?

Eat healthy especially when snacking

There are many reasons that we may feel that we need a snack at times, especially in between regular meals.  Our body seems to talk to us and it tells us that we are “hungry” for something.  Sometimes there seems to be a “craving” for something sweet or something that might fill our special hunger.
So what do we do to for health and wellness' sake when we get that urge for a snack? The answer is:  “Choose Healthy Snacks.”  That seems simple enough to say.  The trick is to be determined not to eat “unhealthy” snacks, but rather healthy ones.

Some healthy snacking guidelines

You can follow some guidelines. Here are a few that can help you to stay on the right track.
First of all, be determined to AVOID the following unhealthy snack foods:

·  AVOID the high glycemic carbohydrate foods. (Various glycemic indexes are available, as well as newer “glycemic load” information.)
·  AVOID all simple sugars and starches, including all soft drinks, all fruit drinks, sweets, desserts, white bread, pasta, potatoes, etc.
·    AVOID all saturated fats and trans-fats.
·    AVOID anything at all that has high fructose corn syrup in it.

Then, choose the right type of healthy foods to snack on.  These can include:

·  Have plenty of fruit available.  The fruit is easy to prepare.  It contains needed fiber.  It has just the correct quantity of “sweetness” to satisfy.  And another thought.  Be creative and adventure out and find some exotic fruit.  This may add the encouragement you need.
·  Have raw vegetables ready to eat.  If you feel the need to use a dip, make definite that it is a low-fat dip and use it carefully.
·  Make sure you have low-fat cookies around.
·  That includes low-fat crackers too.
·  Popcorn is especially satisfying.  Make sure it is low in salt.
·  Even some hard candy and gumdrops can hit the spot.
·  And don’t forget DARK chocolate.  News articles attest to the value of dark chocolate, especially for men.
·  Don’t forget nuts.  Try to have a variety available.

And, remember these other healthy tips:

·  Take in appropriate amounts of fiber.
·  Eat less, not more.  Watch your weight.
·  Drink plenty of water.  Stay hydrated.
·  Do a few stretches and exercises.  This can minimize those cravings.

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Be prepared for those “snack attacks”

If you notice from the above lists, BEING PREPARED is more than half the battle when you choose healthy snacks.  The best thing to do in this regard is to get rid of anything from your pantry or cupboards that you should avoid.  Instead, make sure you have readily available the right type of healthy snacks, in your refrigerator, on your kitchen counters, in your pantry or cupboard, or your usual “stash.”

For your health and wellness, choose healthy snacks and it will pay off in great dividends!

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