How to Change Thumbnail Size in WordPress and Why You Want To

How to Change Thumbnail Size in WordPress and Why You Want To

After you build your new WordPress site, you will get 3 different image sizes, large, medium, and thumbnail. With these, you will have a good number of size options for working with. That said, the matter with thumbnails can be a bit different when it comes to custom WordPress development. In general, thumbnails are likely to be somewhat trickier to work with as you want to ensure that they appear uncompromisingly amazing in every device and theme. This is where thumbnail resizing enters our scenario.

Luckily enough, altering the thumbnail size of an image in WordPress does not pose to be very time-consuming and overwhelming. That said, here is an in-depth guide that can offer you the necessary help for understanding how you can change the thumbnail size in WordPress and why on earth you will ever need to do such a thing.

Why Do You Require Resizing Your WordPress Thumbnail?

The default size of the thumbnail in WordPress is 150x150 pixels. This image size can undoubtedly work pretty well for certain WordPress users. However, there is not any particular image resolution, which stands suitable for every kind of design. While the news site owners and professional bloggers may require using a rectangular shaped thumbnail for their website, an e-commerce site may prefer using a bigger thumbnail image for manifesting more detail. 
In addition to all these, you may also need to do thumbnail resizing, if you are switching WordPress themes. There is always a possibility that your new theme may require thumbnail images of totally different sizes. Of course, you can make use of the ill-fitting old thumbnail images, but it would not look any good as you will come up with a page that has a mixture of thumbnails of varying dimensions.

Changing Image Thumbnail Size in WordPress

Altering the size of thumbnails in WordPress does not involve a complex process. You can simply follow the following steps to get your thumbnail size changed:
     Open the dashboard of your WordPress website.
     Go to SETTINGS and click on the MEDIA tab.
     Then look for THUMBNAIL SIZE in IMAGE SIZES
 Now, change your thumbnail’s default height and width in pixels, according to your requirement.
     Click on SAVE CHANGES

How to Create Multiple Thumbnail Image Sizes?

During custom WordPress development, you may want to create multiple thumbnails of varying dimensions. You may need a larger thumbnail for your front page and medium-sized thumbnails to be used within your posts. Similarly, you may require smaller thumbnails for archive pages and search results. You can surely get your job done by avoiding thumbnails of extra sizes, but then, each one has its own function.

In order to add multiple thumbnail dimensions, you require incorporating certain codes to a file of the WordPress theme you are using. In your text editor, open the file functions.php. To this file, you need to add a simple code: add_image_size( 'servicepage-thumb', 260, 165, false );
In this line of code, “servicepage-thumb” refers to the thumbnail’s name, which is basically used for identifying one thumbnail size from the other. The first number refers to the width of the thumbnail, while the second number refers to its height. “False” refers to the crop type. WordPress makes use of two kinds of crops, “Soft Crop” and “Hard Crop”. Setting your crop type to “False” would give you Soft Crop, which will tend to put your whole image inside a box, whose dimension is 260x165. However, if the aspect ratio of your images is not similar to that of the Soft Crop box, your thumbnails will display with varying aspect ratios. On the contrary, setting your crop type to “True” would give you Hard Crop, which would make use of the whole space available inside the crop box, but delete the image section falling outside it.

If you require adding multiple thumbnail sizes, you can simply go on adding multiple lines with new settings.

Changing Image Thumbnail Size in WordPress Using Plugins

As a WordPress web designer, you may already know that working with plugins makes the tasks simpler and smoother. That said, you can think of getting your job done with the help of plugins when changing your thumbnail size in WordPress. Some of the most preferred and most important plugins used for this purpose are - Regenerate Thumbnails, Force Regenerate Thumbnails, and AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild. Regenerate Thumbnails is a very reliable plugin in this case that is being used for quite some time now. Force Regenerate Thumbnails is a plugin that works just like the former one and can be a good choice if Regenerate Thumbnails is causing trouble for you. As its name suggests, AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild is used to rebuild the thumbnails. Although it is a bit slower, yet it can be used in case the others are not working as expected. The other plugins that promise to be good one-stop options for this case are Simple Image Sizes and Image Regenerate & Select Crop.

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