Digital Marketing Goals

Digital Marketing Goals


Setting goals are important as much as earning money from your business. Without setting goals for the business is like travel without a destination. Goals are equally important in Digital Marketing as important as in traditional marketing but the advantage in digital marketing is that you can measure the results of your set goals with numerous tools and software. You can understand the importance of goals in digital marketing with that, the most powerful platforms of the digital world Google and Facebook's campaigns start with the setting of goals at a first pace. The main goals for selecting these powerful platforms are Sales, Leads, Website Traffic, and Brand Awareness. You can choose any one of them before selecting anything else. For every business the goals may be different depends on the business needs and nature of the business. In this post, we will discuss only digital marketing goals. One thing should be considered by the businesses that writing goal plan is always good for any type of marketing activity.

What are Digital Marketing Goals?

The Digital Marketing Goals can be defined as the goals of selling products, branding, traffic, conversions and influencing the people by using all kind of digital media, which includes social media, search engines, apps, blogs, and videos platform, etc.

There are many digital marketing goals but first of all, you need to understand what kind of business you have before setting a goal. If you do business online or you do traditional business but want brand awareness of your product in your specific area through the most convenient and affordable medium then you need a Digital Marketing. The most powerful and important option in digital marketing is that you can reach your specific targeted market by choosing their specific demographics which may include, age, habit, timing, taste and much more. This option can enhance your business with a few clicks efforts. If you are new in the business then we will strongly suggest you should use the top digital marketing agency services for your campaigns in an affordable budget. Many of us know about how the DM work, the large companies spy our all online activities. One of the large social media platforms even records our talk. They know people more than the people know themselves. The digital media platforms spy our lives without knowing us and interestingly with our consent.

Here is the list of generic goals in Digital Marketing;

Brand Awareness

Sales Goals

It is the evergreen goal for the e-commerce business. The sales goal can drive sales by phone, in-app or at the online store of the company. When the marketing staff of the small e-commerce business creates a campaign they usually ignore the other goals because of the limitation of finances. This is a lamentable situation because if you ignore a brand awareness campaign all times and emphasize only on the sales goal where your brand will stand on after many years of marketing campaigns. In today's world if everyone knows about Coke and Pepsi, then there is a long journey of traditional marketing for branding or brand awareness. Similarly in digital marketing, you need to create different goals campaigns for your product and brands each time to create your brand sustainable in the long run.

Leads Goals

This type of campaign is suitable for service type businesses. This is also suitable if you sell expensive or premium services or products which the customer does not buy in the first step. They can fill your form and hence you get the data of interested people in your product so you can use this data to sell your product or you can use this data in the future for other marketing promotions. Leads goal is normally to provide you the data of interested people in your product or services, which later you can use to reach your potential customer and for successfully closing the lead.

Traffic Goals

This goal can be used by any business which has a website. But in my opinion blog business, news site, e-commerce website when they offer good discounts or celebrate any event like a Christmas, Diwali or Ramadan can use this metric successfully to broaden the opportunities. The main purpose of choosing this goal is to get the traffic on your website or at an online store. This is very necessary for some type of blogs or websites that need traffic for earning money by selling their space for ads.

Brand Awareness Goal

This goal is like a one fit for all problems. It does not matter what type of business you do, you need to create your brand awareness if you really love your business. When you choose this goal this setting can increase your ad impression within your specified audience at low cost. In my opinion, you should run this campaign once a year to grow your targeted audience.


While you set your goals and create new campaigns one thing should always keep in mind that what message you are delivering to your audience because even if you set the right goal but you don't deliver the right the message you can not get success especially in this competitive environment of marketing. Your headline description should be catchy and briefly specify your business with the perfect combination of the image you choose, otherwise, you can lose your money.

Waqar Hussain is a writer, blogger, SEO expert and digital marketer by profession and running a digital marketing agency brandpeg.com. He has completed his GDM and an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business.

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