App Based Devices to Make Real Time Vehicle Tracking Easier

App Based Devices to Make Real Time Vehicle Tracking Easier

GPS has been the essence of the navigation tool that helps in finding the exact route. With further evolution in GPS technology, it started helping in finding the shortest routes and then added another scope of real-time tracking. However, people find it difficult to adopt a vehicle tracking system as initially there were technical and hardware limitations in automobiles. It used to be a part of only high-end cars. But in the recent past, mechatronics has changed the way, making vehicle tracking systems accessible for all. It now allows everyone to get a GPS based vehicle tracking system installed in their car.

Now there are a lot of OBD and non-OBD based devices that come with smartphone app connectivity. The GPS tracking app allows you to track your car’s location and do a lot more even when you are not around.  

A plethora of benefits with real-time vehicle tracking:

Whether it’s your car, a taxi, or a large commercial fleet, there are several occasions where you might need real-time vehicle tracking. At times, when your chauffeur gets late while driving back your kids home, and his mobile phone goes unreachable, you start to panic. Suddenly, all the miserable thoughts come to your mind making you anxious about your kids’ safety. Here, you can breathe in relief with a GPS tracking app on your smartphone. Instead of getting worried, you can immediately look into the app to ensure your kids are safely driven by the chauffeur, and it is just traffic congestion causing the delay.
However, it is the taxi and truck businesses that largely depends on the real-time tracking. It helps them track the vehicle’s location and ensure that the driver doesn’t go off track. It’s a major support to avoid pilferage of Goods since fleet managers can keep track of the vehicles even on their smartphones.
KENT CamEye: Adding the power to vehicle tracking:
At present, the market trend shows the demand for non-OBD based devices that comes with the next level of safety and security features. These are like normal vehicle tracking devices, but pretty simple to integrate into your vehicle. There is KENT CamEye, a popular name in this segment which is a standard plug & play device and with features handy via its mobile application. It’s a dashcam cum GPS tracker that not only allows real-time location tracking of the vehicle but also lets you closely monitor the entire journey through the app. 

KENT CamEye allows live video streaming to watch the activities happening in and around the vehicle. It also offers essential parameters like the recorded time-lapse video of both inside and outside view of the vehicle, details of the driving pattern including the traveled route, average speeds, duration, stop-overs, smart alerts, etc. This helps in altering the inadequate driving patterns and thus ensure the security of vehicles along with the safety of its occupants.
Control and monitor in a tap: 
KENT CamEye mobile app is much similar to other GPS tracking app and can be downloaded on smartphones from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The interface is quite user-friendly and its features of live tracking, monitoring, and alerts, add convenience, precision, and efficiency in vehicle tracking. Some of the most common aspects like over-speeding, engine idling, etc. issues can be addressed in real-time and reduces the stress of overall damage.
KENT CamEye offers a large storage space with a secure cloud system. The app helps to establish connectivity between the smartphone and cloud space. Thus, tracking of data captured by the device and stored on the cloud system can be done on the mobile phone.

You can customize the best app to make it trigger notifications and alarm to warn of any misconduct. You can adjust the settings for individual features from the app. The notifications flash on the mobile screen whenever there is a breach of any parameter.
Hence, if you love your car, or if you want to enhance the profits in your fleet business, then it’s time to invest in app-based vehicle tracking systems. And if it is KENT CamEye, it will add an extra layer of security to the vehicles and safety of passengers. Moreover, it will help to significantly cut down the maintenance costs.

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