10  Books that will help you succeed in the tech world

10 Books that will help you succeed in the tech world

The technology industry is always evolving, from emerging technologies to the start of robotic streaming to change in the future, it's always good to have firsthand experience in the technology world.

Here, we list the most recent groundbreaking Take Tom to access in your teeth.

1. Based on her experience in the Ankeny Valley,

created by Anna Wenner, Silicon Valley is a fast, fun, and sometimes dark journey through the startup scene. It provides first-person insights into the Bay Area startup culture, observing the intersection between observation culture, fast luck, and political power.

2. Competition in the era of AI refers to how companies can provide

AI-driven strategies and how to reinvent their operating model. Writers Marco Lancetti and Karim R. Lakhani argue that many traditional Tahitian business barriers have been removed by strengthening organizations around data, analytics, and AI. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says of the book: "An important book that explains why a firm's reinvention and what it takes to become an AI-first company explains why anyone interested in the impact of AI should read this book. "

3. You look like one thing and I love you:

how artificial intelligence works and why it made the world a weird place by Bell Shane AI Verdens Blog Writer and scientist Janelle Shen's book is for all AI-curious people in the world. Sean answers this question for those who are scared of technology, as well as those who are interested in learning what automation, AI and robotics can achieve.

4. Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet by Jessa Levine

Investigative reporter Ayesha Levin today described the roots of the Internet as a tool for surveillance and control through reality under the guise of the modern privacy movement. As a weapon, Surveillance Valley is a must-read for anyone interested in the history of the web and where it started.

5. Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies of John Carrero at Silicon Valley Startups

The Wall Street Journal investigative reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner John Cario tells the story of a biotech startup based in Silicon Valley, Theranos, that has not been published as much as advertising. Bad Blood has revealed how Elizabeth Holmes, once one of Silicon Valley's most successful female entrepreneurs, captured the attention and capital of investors with a medical device that promised to transform the treatment industry by facilitating blood tests. But the trick

6. Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella

In 2017, Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO and self-accredited cricket enthusiast launched his hit-play mic, volume-autobiographical book Hit Refresh.
Born in Hyderabad, along with former Microsoft employee Jill Tracy Nichols, his philosophy has grown in the United States, his family life and the position of CEO at Microsoft, engaging with various philosophical and political opportunities.
However, Nadella ignores some of the most important concerns of the 21st Century (disaster capitalism - she doesn't want to talk about it, she writes) and poses as a technocrat (she is CEO of Microsoft, after all), yet the book is a New York Times best-seller. And manages a certain apparent heat.

7. BROPTIA: Silicon Valley Boys Club broke by Emily Chang

Call of Arms Against the Stunning Synchronization of Silicon Valley Tech Bra Communities Assert at Exclusive Cultural Practice - Meet with someone at a hot tub or local strip club? - And in the workplace where there is a wide range of discrimination and harassment, this book was geared to the otherwise most thought-provoking areas of society, targeting archeological ideas.
Supported by interviews with several influential women at Tech and Insider Scoops about the hottest hotbed of this discrimination, this book explores how present-day world-shattering Brupia can disrupt the world.

8. Taking advantage of our digital future by Andrew McAfee and Eric Brynjolfsson

Written by MIT researchers Andrew McAfee and Eric Brinjolfsson, this book is a must-read for anyone who reads technology or business. It focuses on how machine intelligence, products and platforms, and the ability to harm traffic are informing the future of the business, and why the industry's flaws are hindered by age, and why the public's understanding is ever more important.

9. Innovation and It's Enemy: Why People Resist by New Technology Callus Zuma

The book is an interesting, historical exploration of how technologies of different sizes have been acquired and the concerns that are often associated with them, as well as the inequalities in the way. It combines these concerns with emerging technologies today and leads to public expectations driving new technologies.

10. Hook: How To Make Practical Products By Neil Iyal

On the hook: How to Make Habit-Making Products, Writer Ni Yale draws from his background in advertising and gaming, combining a healthy dollop of behavioral psychology with this practical book on how we do not create products that Aiyal can have. Hook uses the model, which is made up of four layers, to explain why some products are a conspiracy Ray meant to exclude the other. An interesting tube for anyone who is interested in consumer psychology or the human mind in general.

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