Things You Need to Know Before Owning an Electric Vehicle

Things You Need to Know Before Owning an Electric Vehicle

As we all know that electric cars are the vehicles of the future, many people think of buying an electric car. Analyzing the demand for electric vehicles, manufacturers are also focusing on making high-quality electric cars. However, the price of these vehicles is higher than their gasoline and diesel variants.

Although an electric vehicle can save money over the years that people spend on gasoline, they need to think twice before buying one. The prices are high for electric cars, and the service and maintenance are rarely available. Therefore, buyers need to consider many things before buying an electric vehicle. Let us explore all the factors that you must consider before owning an electric car.

Charging stations 

Electric cars need a charging station to charge them. Now the charging stations are not available in every area like the gasoline stations. Although some companies also offer you to install a charging station at your home, you need to have the space for that. An electric vehicle can travel several hundred miles on a single charge. But the problems arise when you need to travel on long tours. If the battery of the vehicle drains off, it will come to a halt due to lack of charging.

They take longer to charge

Electric vehicles take a few hours to charge as compared to fueling up conventional cars. For example, when you go to fuel up your gasoline car to a fueling station, it takes only a few minutes to fill the tank. However, an electric car may take 4 to 8 hours to charge its battery before you can take it for a drive. The future electric cars may support fast charging to reduce the charging time, but at present, it is essential to consider the same before buying an electric vehicle.

Not suitable for long routes

The electric vehicles are in the beginning phase. Automotive companies are investing in research and development to create more efficient and more powerful electric vehicles in the future. At present, electric vehicles are not much efficient as conventional cars.

For example, people who want a car for daily commute withing a city can use electric cars. They can charge it and use it for a daily commute, but those who love to go on long drives may not. The battery of electric cars lasts only for a specified number of miles. If you prefer going on long routes or drives, it is best to go on a gasoline or diesel car as their fueling stations are available everywhere.

Battery is expensive

The electric vehicles work on a battery that is the main component in addition to the electric motor. Their battery is made with lithium battery technology similar to the ones you use in your laptops and smartphones. However, the battery is large and one of the most expensive components in an electric vehicle.

Similar to your smartphones and other gadgets, the battery of electric vehicles is chargeable to a limited number of cycles. Once the number of these cycles are complete, the battery drains much quickly, and you cannot run your car on an old battery. Old batteries usually drain out within a few minutes and indicate that its time for a replacement. Once the battery fails, you need to replace it, and it can be highly expensive. Some manufacturers like Renault offers the replacement of battery for their cars at lease.

Low maintenance

The maintenance of electric cars is lower than in conventional vehicles. This is due to fewer rotating parts in electric vehicles. Also, these cars have no combustion cylinders and gears as in case of gasoline and diesel cars. Due to less moving parts, the chances of failure are also low, and the cost of maintenance is also less than conventional cars.

Low maintenance is the primary advantage of electric cars over gasoline and diesel cars. Therefore, it is beneficial to buy an electric car in the present era.

Low availability of Maintenance 

The technology of electric vehicles much different than conventional vehicles and not known to the local technicians available in every area. Most mechanics and technicians are used to performing the repairs of diesel and gasoline vehicles. Therefore, the owners of electric cars need to visit the authorized service stations in case of any problems. Now the service stations for electric vehicles are not available everywhere.

There are a few service stations available only in the major cities. The owners are likely to face trouble if their car gets stuck in an area where the service is not available. The local mechanics are not aware of the technology used in these vehicles, and they cannot repair them. Moreover, owners might need to call a towing service to drag the vehicle from the spot to the nearest service station.

High Price

The price of electric cars for sale Brisbane are higher than their conventional counterparts. Buying an electric vehicle can save you thousands of dollars over the years. However, you need to spend hundreds of dollars more than conventional cars to buy an electric car. So, people who are planning to buy an electric car to save money over the years should consider spending some extra cash to buy the same.

Standard and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Most people don't know that there are two types of electric vehicles available in the market, the standard electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. The standard electric vehicles make use of an electric motor to run the wheels while the hybrid cars have two motors, one electric and the other that works on gasoline. Now the standard vehicles work on the power delivered by the electric motor and come to a halt as soon as the battery drains out.

On the other hand, the hybrid electric vehicles have an additional gasoline engine that charges the battery simultaneously while running. The charging mechanism with the help of gasoline engine does not let the battery drain completely. The gasoline engine turns on as soon as the battery becomes low in the vehicle. It runs the car and also charges the battery to prevent it from draining out.
In simple words, you don't need to worry about running out of power in case of hybrid electric vehicles. However, the prices of hybrid EVs are higher than the standard EVs. So, you need to spend some more cash to buy a hybrid electric car than a standard EV or gasoline car.

Short term or long term

Those who are trying to develop a long-term relationship with an electric car might be worried about what it would cost to replace the battery eventually. Thankfully, federal regulations allow power cells of an EV to be protected under guarantee for at least eight years, or 100,000 miles. Hyundai, for its part, applies this to the Kona Electric lifetime coverage. Some car manufacturers, however, only protect the battery of an electric cars against complete failure. But some manufacturers like Chevrolet, BMW, Tesla (Model 3), Volkswagen, and Nissan, will replace it if it exceeds a specified percentage of depletion, typically 60 to 70 percent, in the warranty period.

Insurance of EV car

Insurance costs tend to be more expensive than normal for EVs. On average, one report indicates the premiums to 21 per cent higher than comparable gas-powered versions. That doesn't mean they're less safe or more prone to accidents than other types of vehicles. Rather, it's because electric cars for sale Brisbane are priced higher than traditional alternatives and generally cost more to fix after colliding, especially due to their expensive battery pack and other expensive components in the car.

Your driving requirements

If you travel more than 200 km a day on a regular basis and need to carry a heavy trailer up steep mountains, an EV probably isn't just yet for you. Many people travel about 30 miles a day, however, and the average range of EVs is 80-120 miles, so this is a good option for people having their workplaces 40 to 60 miles from their home.

Your expectations from a car

You'll want to do some testing, as with any type of vehicle, to ensure that an electric car you're considering is comfortable enough inside for you and your family. Make sure there is ample cargo space for weekly shopping excursions, sports equipment, or strollers and other gear related to children. Choose a model that fits your budget and includes all the features you need. And always offer any vehicle that you consider a thorough test drive to see if it runs to your taste, is comfortable, and you find it easy to operate its controls.

Final Words

According to present trends, the sale and use of electric vehicles will increase in the coming years. That is why most automobile companies are working on research and development of electric vehicles. Almost every vehicle manufacturer has launched or looking to launch their electric vehicles to stay in the competition. Considering the points in this post can help people in any country to help buy an electric car.

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