10- Ways - How to Promote your Business on Instagram - Milford-Now

10- Ways - How to Promote your Business on Instagram - Milford-Now

Ways - How to Promote your Business on Instagram - Milford-Now

Would you like to see your brand grow, drive more sales and brand seen by more people, grow the following with customers who can relate to your product? If your answer is yes then Instagram is the magic spell for you.

Instagram has over a billion active users each month and brands are looking for new platforms to promote their brands and keep their customers invested in their brand

Why take your brand to Instagram you may ask?

guest post website - milford-now.

 We got the answers to your questions right here

guest post website - milford-now.

 Instagram users are shoppers:-

If you post the right images on Instagram consumers get your marketing message without you trying to sell them the idea with your sales pitch.
Shoppers turn into your social media reviews and generally tend to promote passive shoppers to your customers.

If you are new to Instagram, no worries. We got Everything you need to know to market your brand on Instagram right here.
Let's get started

1.       Set up your Business Instagram Account

If you thinking of doing business on Instagram, your account must be different from your personal one.
Keep in mind you need to market your products to your audience, not you. so no posting personal pictures on your business Instagram account.

Link your website to increase your website traffic

On Instagram, you have the opportunity to directly link your website to your Instagram account.

Your Bio of the Instagram Page is a place where you can place a clickable link, Right under the name section of your Instagram account.

Stay Recognizable

All your Instagram will be nothing if your pieces don't fit in, Keep your Instagram account name same or related to your business name so that Instagrammers can relate to your brand.

Keep your profile image consistent as well. All your Updates and Engagements will be accompanied by the same profile picture you uploaded so make sure you keep it relate-able and professional.

Keep an informative and interesting bio that attracts followers

Before people hit Follow on your Instagram account, they have to click through your profile.  So make sure that the first thing they see convince them of the value and content you're will add to their feed.

Include Your Brand Name and a brief description of what you do.

Keep it interesting, avoid a sales tone to your Instagram Description.

Create a Bio which appeals the audience you want to reach out and it reflects what kind of content you are going to share in the future.

Keywords and Hashtags would not matter since they are not searchable when they are on your bio.

2.    Create Instagram Posts that users want to follow

You have heard the term that the image says more than the words. So let us use this power to its fullest, Customer-Hooking.

The preference of pictures we want to see is already processed by our brain.

So let's harness the visual effects of the Instagram world to our advantage and post photos that derive sales. Remember! Instagram is full of shoppers but it's not a shopping destination for all.

Here are the points to keep in mind when you post your content

·    Avoid Hard Selling-Buyers are influenced form social media when considering a purchase, The number one influence is their friend's media shares. But over 40% people are influenced by the brand's social media.

Visual Appeal yells a lot about your product without having any sales pitch ready. Images allow viewers to make their own decisions without feeling pressure from your business sales speech.

Promote your products with creative and professional images

The power of images has always been an essential part of online shopping.
Over 65% of consumers consider detailed images are more valuable and influence their purchase decisions over customer reviews and product information.
Instagram is a social marketplace where direct traffic turns into sales. How you can do that you may ask?

You share photos that grab the attention of the users that see your post and it will attract new customers to consider your brand while shopping.

Remember that your brand is on social media like Instagram to establish relations and culture among your followers, if you do it in the right way the customers will be attracted and will come to you're brand when they are ready to shop as they are already connected with your brand.


Social Media like Instagram is a powerful tool to attract customers and it can derive sales  for your brand if done in the right way and you can influence are a lot of possible customers in the market to buy products and can lead to those customers to consider your brand while making the purchase.
Images that you upload on your social media content can influence people to consider your brand.

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